Duckboy was a trade name established in the antient times of the 1980’s which refers to a man or boy that works on a duck dude ranch.  Duckboys are known to be story tellers of times gone by.  They enjoy singing The Duckboy Song while they wrangle their flocks or during contests at the local duck rodeos.  Mostly, they only wish to encourage a few good laughs to those whom may need it most. All the events depicted here are true and accurate as documented in the antient songs, books and historical photography of Paul Stanton, the original Duckboy.


Death before Decaf Magnet 3.25″ X 2.25″

Printed in Montana since 1987, Duckboy® Postcards have amused locals and travelers throughout the U.S. The humorous black-and-white photos by Paul Stanton are also featured in greeting cards, refrigerator magnets, a calendar, T-shirts, and gifts.

Duckboy took its business model from the immortal words of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson: “When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.”


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